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Framework and Implementation application – with example



In this post you see the basics about framework and implementation application in Pega.

The primary focus of any application will be to increase the maximum re-usability as well as support scalability.

Consider, Amazon organization. They have 3 divisions:

  1. Sales
  2. Service
  3. Marketing

Amazon plans to provide Pega CRM solution to Sales division and if it is a success, then they may want to expand the solution to other divisions.

Here, we will be creating a framework application and implementation application for sales.

Business may have some common features for all the 3 divisions. You can bring those to framework application so that it can be reused whenever we extend to other divisions.

Implementation application contains rules and business specific to Sales division.

How do you start building an application?

If we are going to built any application, say java application what will we do?

  1. We need Java Development Kit (JDK).
  2. We will import the required packages and start create project by coding.

For a Pega application,

  • We need to buy the licensed Pega product from Pegasystems.
  • Initial Pega product contains configuration files along with ‘PegaRules’ application.
  • We can call it as a framework application. But we won’t. We call it as Pega base application.
  • All the standard OOTB rules like  CreateAddWork, UpdateStatus, some standard UI will be included in the PegaRules application.

Solution Framework

Pegasystems not only provide the base product, they built framework application for specific business requirements.

Say for a call center CRM application, Pegasystems builds a CPM framework application over base product. We can purchase the CPM Framework, a  licensed product and use it as a framework.

We call it as solution framework. Solution framework can be used 70% to complete application which we can extend to satisfy our requirement.

Let us walk through an example,

Imagine 2 brothers bought a single land. They planned to live together. They decided to build a 2 storeys building.

  • Ground floor – Common hall and kitchen.
  • First floor – Individual home for brothers.

First they decided to build a single home in the first floor and planned to extend the first floor in future.

I am going to compare the house building with Pega Application building.

Step 1: You are going to buy a land.

Pega: Buy a Pega Licensed product –PegaRules application.

Step 2: You have an option to buy the land with the basement laid.

Pega: You can buy a Solution framework based on your business.

Step 3: You need to build the ground floor. Remember ground floor contains the common rooms like kitchen and hall.

Pega: Build a framework application extending solution framework or PegaRules. Bring all the common rules under framework application.

Step 4: Now you will build a room in the first floor extending ground floor. This room will house the things that belongs to a particular brother.

Pega: Build an implementation application extending framework application. Bring all the rules specific to that division in the implementation application.

  • Implementation application can use the rules in framework, solution framework, Pegarules application.
  • Framework application can use rules in Solution framework as well as PegaRules, but not in Implementation application.

These rule resolution are based on class inheritance which we will see in the next post ‘Enterprise class structure’ (

Hope you got the basics about framework and implementation application 🙂

  1. Dhanu Dhanu

    Great read.

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      Thank you so much. Please subscribe and stay tuned for more posts.

      • Hi Prem,

        I want to switch to PEGA technology from Service Cloud, so I need hands on for this.

        Could you please guide me for this, it would be very helpful.

        Thanks & Regards
        R.Vinod Kumar

  2. suma suma

    good explanation

    great if you can provide any video for this

    • prem prem

      Videos 😀. I never had an idea.. Let me keep in mind

  3. anvesh anvesh

    I’m impressed bro.. Short and sweet

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

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  4. shiak shiak

    Hi prem,,

    thanks for posting the pega is very useful to pega beginers. if you have any videos for topic wise please share it .it is also useful

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      You are welcome, Shiak.
      I’m having some idea regarding video tutorial. Will implement it soon, Shiak.
      Thank you so much. Please subscribe and stay tuned for more posts.

  5. Sai Sai

    Great Article Bro, easy to understand.

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Sai. 🙂

  6. kumar kumar

    Hi ,
    Can u able to provide me how to upload the the file in pega step by step procedure means much helpful

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      I will try to make a post on it soon bro. Since it is a big process, I cannot be able to explain in comments 🙁
      Sorry for the inconvenience, Kumar. 🙁
      Will definitely post it soon. Stay tuned. 🙂

  7. upendra upendra

    Nice Article, Can you share the step by step process of Soap service exception handling, watching the end point url. What are error scenarios, exceptions and exception handling?

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      Thanks for your feedback. My next Integration topic will be on SOAP. Keep watching 🙂

    • kaa kaa


  8. praveen praveen

    Tk U prem, this is very useful info for beginners
    prem can you explain activities and its methods uses.

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      Thanks Praveen :). I started working on activity methods !!

  9. Rupesh Rupesh

    Hi Prem,

    in earlier version of pega we have 3 options
    1)Framework and implementation
    2)FrameWork only
    3)Implementation only

    In the latest version of pega , we have only two options .

    1)Frame work only
    2)Implementation only

    So as Per your examples for sales platform we cant have both framework and implementation together created .

    so as per latest version , should we need to create framework and implementation separtely ?

    can you please clear me this query

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      Yes Rupesh. I understand that. As you said, you can manually create framework and implementation separately 🙂

  10. Narasimha Narasimha


    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      Thank you so much, Narasimha. 🙂

  11. iamsubbaraju iamsubbaraju

    Perfect examples given.

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      Thank you so much, Subbaraju. 🙂

  12. shivakumar.m.hugar shivakumar.m.hugar

    Prem,I liked you example 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      Happy to hear that you like it. 🙂
      You are welcome. 🙂

  13. Mahesh Mahesh

    Nice article.
    Please explain about What is class structure and how to define ?

  14. devendra devendra

    Hi Prem,

    Can you plz give explanation on topic wise. so that it can be very useful to understand

  15. Harika Harika

    Hii…I am new beginner to Pega…from which topic I have to you have video tutorial for this…thank you

  16. Muniraj Muniraj

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    It’s amazing blog. I gone through some of the topics and I am able to understand the topics very easily. Thank u so much.


    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      Hi Muniraj,

      Thank you so much for your appreciation. 🙂 I’m feeling happy with your comments.
      You are most welcome.

      Premkumar G

  17. Ajay Ajay

    Hi Prem
    Just a word for your explanation “Awesome”.
    It will be great if you post a video.

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      Hi Ajay,
      Thank you so much. 🙂
      Yeah, I’m planning on giving some video tutorial within 6 months. Stay tuned. 🙂

  18. Devendra Devendra

    Hi Prem,

    I have also started reading your site and all the posts are really awesome ans structured.

    I am looking for your help on deeper understanding on complex class design where there are scenarios assuming like

    -One Multinational organization (ACorp)
    -3 countries (India, US, Aus)
    -Each countries has 3 divisions (HR, Finance, Marketing)
    -3 Frameworks respective for HR, Finance and Marketing.
    -Each divisions has 2 Unites respectively (HR- Hiring and Releasing/ Marketing- Procurement and Selling/ Finance- Salary and Loan)
    -I want basic process of all 3 divisions should be same in all the countries but look and feel and some other component should be different based on country.

    I request you to make it more complex if its possible and provide me the solution class design and rulesets arrangement.

    Please you can call me if any understanding/discussion is required, as i am looking for best and standard way to design this kind of scenario.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Chaitanya Chaitanya

      Have you got the response for this ?

  19. Marcos Marcos

    Hello Prem! You rock!!!
    Your blog is helping me a lot, since I am starting with Pega…

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      Hello Marcos. 🙂
      Thank you so much for your appreciation and I’m glad to hear that you are finding my blog useful. 🙂
      You are most welcome. 🙂

  20. sagar sagar

    Nice Artice for Beginers ,Thanks

    Expecting a clear explation on Ruleset stack Application Validation Ruleset Validation

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      Thank you so much, Sagar. You are welcome. 🙂
      I’ll post about those topics soon. Stay tuned. 🙂

  21. PegaLearner PegaLearner

    Can u please explain about abstract classes and Concrete classes ?


  22. Tejaswini g Tejaswini g

    Hi Prem,

    I have a question, can we have org,div and unit layers without having FW layer directly..?


  23. Pratyush Pratyush

    Hi Prem,

    I have been going through your posts and found it quite helpful to understand the basics with a great mix of hand on. Thank you for all your efforts.

    Can you please explain the difference among work objects, Covers and folders?


  24. Suresh Suresh

    Hi Prem,

    your explanation is unbelievable and its awesome.


  25. Rafa Rafa

    Hi Prem,
    congratulations for this very helpfull blog.
    I’m trying to understand the details of application structure and still have some doubts 🙂

    Trying to figure out how the application rule will look like in your example of the 2 brothers.
    The implementation application will be “built on” the framework application, right?

    Then the class hierarchy for the implementation application for ex will be
    TwoBros (organization)
    Bro1 (division)
    House (unit)
    So TwoBros-Bro1-House-Work

    Then we will need to bring in the framework implementation using direct inheritance, right? On which class?

  26. Tejaswi Tejaswi

    Hi Prem,

    Your blog is very helpful.what happens if we create all rules (reusable and specific rules related to that division ) in framework application itself.

  27. Informative Post ! Please update this blog with new post and turorials ! Thanks

  28. Shyam Shyam

    Hi Prem
    Its awesome blog. Could you please extend this article or separate article to explain building application which have multiple divisions(or departments), units(US, UK etc). For example , ABC Insurance company have
    1) Automotive Insurance
    2) Home Insurance
    3) Health Insurance etc

  29. Mallikarjuna Mallikarjuna

    Nice explaining Prem Sir it is very easy to understand.Thank you very much for your blog… 🙂

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    How to create a implementation application on top of framework application with same name

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    Request you to add new topics related to Pega DSM also.


  33. vinod kumar vinod kumar

    customer brought pega application and some health care frame work also and again we need to implement the framework for reusable rules ??
    can,t we direct implement implementation layer on health care framework?

    • Premkumar G Premkumar G

      But it is always good to have a framework kind of layer for your organization, so that you can extend the framework to multiple pega applications within your organization

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