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Posts published in “Data model”

Field value rules in Pega


Introduction In this post we will see more in detail about field value rules. What is a field value rule? The name speaks, field value rule can be defined in…

How to use data transform in Pega?


Introduction In this post we will see how effectively, we can use a Data transform rule. Data transform is a rule helps in manipulating the data. Remember data can be…

Data Pages in Pega


Introduction In this post we will exclusively see about how to configure a new data page and its scope. Every application needs some data to support its processes. Basically data…

Database class mapping wizard in Pega


Introduction In this post we will see how to use database class mapping wizard Pega 7 introduced a separate database schema for rule and data. PegaRules – Contains rule tables.…

Data type and Cascading control example in Pega


Introduction Data type is a generic term to include any data instances. Pega have many inbuilt data instances. Access groups, class group, organization, unit etc., are all data instances. Note:…

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