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Posts published in “Integration”

Connect SOAP in Pega


In this post, we will see, how to configure Connect-SOAP in Pega. Please go through my previous post on Service SOAP Configure Service SOAP in pega I will be consuming…

Configure Service SOAP in pega


Introduction In this post, we will see how a Pega system host a SOAP web service. Hope, you went through my post on Service REST Integration. Please go through the…

XML Mapping rules – XML stream


Introduction In this post, we will see some new information about the XML mapping rules. Hope you guys liked my previous post on WSDL Unfolding. If you have missed, Please…

XML Mapping rules extended – Parse XML


Introduction I highly recommend you to view my previous post on XML Stream rule before proceeding here!! I hope you are clear on XML Stream rule 🙂 Let’s switch…

WSDL Structure & its relationship with Pega rules


Introduction WSDL – Web Service Definition/Description Language In this post we will see about the WSDL structure and its relationship with Pega integration rules. This will open up the door…

How to configure Connect-REST in Pega?


Introduction I am gonna start this post in a different way 😀 Why do we need friends? We can trust them and share our feelings with them. They help us…

How to configure Service Package in Pega


Introduction I will say Service package is the heart of Integration service rules in Pega. On looking at the name, you can brief me about service package. Used to package…

How to configure Service-REST in Pega?


Introduction First of all, don’t think INTEGRATION is a difficult topic in PEGA. I would say Integration is much easier than creating an activity rule 🙂 Pega makes it simple…

How do you configure Connect-File in Pega


What are the rules involved? Connect-File. Connector activity. What is Connect-File? A connector rule falls under Integration-Connectors category. The main purpose of this rule is to create a file and…

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