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Posts published in “Process”

Screen flow in Pega


Introduction This is one of the interesting topic in flow rule (at least  to me :)). When I think about screen flow model outside Pega, first thing that comes in…

Locking mechanism in Pega


Introduction In this post we will see in detail about locking mechanism in Pega. What is locking? Let’s take a simple example.  2 clerks working in a bank tried to…

Split Join, Split for Each & SpinOff tutorial in Pega


It is highly recommended to see the ‘configuration’ post first before proceeding 🙂 All the testing scenarios are explained here: How to configure Split Join, Split for Each & Spin…

How to configure flows in Pega?


Introduction Usually all applications have at least a single business process. The business process use some sequence of events to complete the process. Take Amazon as an example. This is…

How to configure Service Level Agreement(SLA) in Pega?


Introduction Service Level Agreement main objective is to process any time bound requirements in the application. Imagine, Timesheet application. If an employee fails to submit timesheet by end of month…

What is workparty in Pega?


Introduction In this post, we will see how to configure a workparty in Pega. Every case/work item has a life cycle starting from creation to resolving the case. Imagine Amazon…

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