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Posts published in “System Administration”

System setting and dynamic system setting rules in Pega


Introduction In this post, we will see more in detail about configuring the system settings. Let’s talk some basics about system settings. Think about any software you install, You have…

Rule delegation in Pega


Introduction In this post we will see how and why a rule can be delegated to the business users. Before jumping into the delegation part, let me briefly explain the…

Expose a property in Pega


Introduction In this post we will see, how we can expose properties in database table. First let’s get some basics Pega uses properties to hold the data. We can persist…

How to configure Declare index in Pega – step by step tutorial


Introduction In this post, we will learn how to configure declare index in Pega. Its highly recommend to visit my previous post on declare index rule Here let us…

What is Declare index in Pega?


Introduction Think of why the rule is given such a name 🙂 We all might have come across the term Index. Take a text book, in the first page you…

Agent and Agent Schedule in Pega


Introduction In this post we will see in details about Agent and Agent Schedule in Pega. Most of the applications rely on processes that operate at the background without human intervention.…

What are the requestor types in Pega?


Introduction In this post we will see the requestor types in Pega. Imagine you are logging into any application. As soon as you log in, the data for that session will be…

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