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Posts published in “Technical”

Obj and RDB methods in Pega – Extended


This will be continuation of the previous post 🙂 Obj and RDB methods in Pega Let me straightly jump into the remaining activity methods. Obj-Save This method helps in saving…

Obj and RDB methods in Pega


Introduction In this post, you will see different obj methods and rdb methods and how to use them in a activity. I will be post the key difference at the…

Activity methods on clipboard properties


Introduction In this post, we will see more in details about activity methods on clipboard properties This post will be the continuation of my previous post. Here I will…

Activity methods on clipboard pages


Introduction Every activity rule can contain  one or more steps. Each step in an activity rule can contain a method. Methods are implemented in Java. Each method updates the pxMethodStatus property on…

What is circumstance in Pega?


Introduction In this post, we will see detailed explanation about circumstancing in Pega. Imagine, you lost your atm card, (I feel bad to start a post in negative manner 🙁…

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