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Posts published in “User Interface”

Navigation rule in Pega


Introduction It’s been long since I made a post on user interface rules! In this post, I am going to explain about, how to configure a navigation rule. What is…

How to configure dynamic layout Pega UI?


Introduction Pega 7 introduced many new features in the User Interface category. One of the main features is the introduction of dynamic layouts. Every Pega application is made of two…

What is float concept in Pega UI?


Introduction Floating in Pega is a concept, in which we float the components in one side or to the other side of the website. Prior to Pega 7, if we…

how to use formats & mixins in skin rule


Introduction If I had bored you with the previous topics, then get a look into it. COLOURFUL UI  🙂  Content + Presentation = A good application See whenever you come across a…

Server side and Client side validation in Pega


Introduction In this post we will learn about the server side and client side validation in Pega We all may be aware of the Server-Client Architecture. Here Client sends a…

What are the validation rules in Pega?


Introduction In this post, we will see about different types of validation rules available in Pega. Every application needs correct data to process any request. Imagine you are visiting an…

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