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Service file tutorial



This post is all about working out a tutorial on service file rules in rule.

I have explained the configurations about service file rule in my previous post

It a mandatory pre-requisite to go through my previous post before continuing this post

Service file configurations in Pega


I have already explained the business requirements in my previous post.

  • External system sends us the input file with a list of customer details.
  • For each record in the file, you need to create a new Sales case with the details provided.

Below is the input file we get from the external system.

Let’s straight away start the tutorial

Step 1: Create a new service file rule. I have already created in my previous post. I am going to use it

Step 2: perform the below configurations as shown below

Service tab

Since I am going to create the sales case from the details provided from the file, my primary page will be OMXG07-FirstApp-Work-Sales

Method tab – Same configuration as we saw in the previous post.

Processing method – by record type

Record terminator – \r\n

Offset – 0

Length – 2

Data mode – text only

Character encoding – Default

Request tab – Same configuration as we saw in the previous post.

For the record type 10 & 99, use Skip as Map to

Map to key – MapCustomerData.Customer is the namespace for the parse delimited we created before

Below is the configuration for parse delimited rule.

I need to specify the activity in Parse segments row. For this, I am going to create a new processing activity

Step 3: Create a new activity rule for processing the data

I am creating the activity in the primary page class

A simple activity with one step.

I am using the OOTB activity svcAddWorkObject, that accepts the pyStartCase, the starter flow for the sales case as parameter. This activity can create a new case

Why svcAddWorkObject?

  • There are many OOTB activities to create cases in pega. Mostly all the case creation activities use the two main reusable activities createWorkPage and addWork.

  • The speciality of this activity is , It passes the current step page as MergePage parameter to Call createWorkPage activity.

It means the primary page in service file rule – MyServicePage will be the current step page and it will be passed in as mergepage parameter. Remember, after parsing MyServicePage will hold the values of customername, age and sex.

  • Finally in the createWorkPage activity, the MergePage content will get merged with the pyWorkPage. This is how the data from the file is getting passed to the case.

Note: This is not the only way to pass the data to pyWorkpage

Save the activity rule.

Step 4: Specify the activity rule in the parse segments array.

Save it.

Step 5: prepare the csv data

Step 6: Run the service file rule manually using actions button and supply the file.

Step 7: If you need, you can trace the service-file rule.

Click execute.

You should get success message

Last step: Verify it.

You can always verify the case details from the designer studio.

App explorer -> Click on the class to view the instances.

You can see 3 sales got created in the same minute!!

By the way, my current time is not 4.01 PM. It is +6 hours ahead.

One more verification: let’s see, if the customer details are rightly populated in the case.

Click and open the case S-38, last created case.

Customer name is Sandosh and age is 26. Cool.

Parse rules – map the data from external system to pega;

service-file rule –   process the data.

Finally the missing piece file listener – listen the file and invoke processing via service file.

File listener will be covered in my next post! See ya

Once again, Rest in Peace GINGER!

  1. Mohan poojary Mohan poojary

    Excellent Prem . waiting for this topic from long time.
    waiting for file listner and email listner.

  2. Abdul Raiz Abdul Raiz

    Made the concept so simple. Thanks Prem!

  3. sumanth sumanth

    For testing purpose i am trying to create by same steps , unfortuntly i am not able to create the case. I am getting error as FAUInstance-NullMyStepPage error. can you guide me how can I rectify this

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