Offline Payment

If you have not Signed up yet
Signed up already - Pending Activation?

Use one of the two options for Offline payment

Payment details  – US Dollars – $25; Indian Rupees – INR1750

  • For India Payment, UPI ID – 9488184718@hdfcbank or Use the below QR code picture ( In the payment description, please send your username). Make sure my UPI ID populates the name as PREMKUMAR G.
  • For overseas payment, Paypal ID –
Wait for few minutes (max 15 mins) for your membership to get automatically activated. You will receive the membership activation email, post payment. 
You may get a question how do we match the payment with sign up account?? – Our team will take care of doing the work manually from backend by matching the payment name / description with the signed Up user account. If we dont find any match, we will wait for your email for activation. Do not worry our team is always quicker except sleeping time 
Note: If you don’t receive any membership activation email within 15 minutes, First try login in with your username and password, still unauthorized to view the contents, kindly email to Kindly do check spam folder
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