Libraries and functions – Part 1

Introduction In this post we will talk about the basics of functions and libraries  in pega. Function in programming language Function is a block of reusable code that is used to perform a single related operation/action.Functions usually accept input data, process the data and then it may return a result.Different programming language name function differently …

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Obj and RDB methods in Pega

Introduction In this post, you will see different obj methods and rdb methods and how to use them in a activity. I will be post the key difference at the end of the post 🙂 We will discuss the following methods Obj-BrowseRDB-ListObj-Open / Obj-Open-By-HandleRDB-OpenObj-SaveRDB-SaveObj-Delete / Obj-Delete-By-HandleRDB-Delete Before that let’s discuss some basics 🙂 We know, …

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Activity methods on clipboard pages

Introduction Every activity rule can contain  one or more steps.Each step in an activity rule can contain a method.Methods are implemented in Java. Each method updates the pxMethodStatus property on the pxThread page. pxMethodStatus values can be – Good, Warn or Fail In this post, I am going to explain various methods related to clipboard pages. Methods …

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