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    1. Sai Teja Vennela

      Hey, I have completed my payment of 1750/- but still I am not able to view any content. Transaction is made on 17th Jan 2023, 4:47 PM IST.

      Please help review the same and help with the access.

  1. i cant pay with paypal is there an online payment plan? I am overseas. this used to be a free website šŸ˜€

  2. Benny Johnson

    There are many users who have complained that they’re unable to access premium content despite payment, how can you assure me the same will not occue with me?

    1. Hi Benny,
      For few users there was some delay in approving (mostly during off hours!) and they registered a comment below this page.
      All members whoever paid are accessing the myknowpega posts. I can assure you that šŸ™‚
      You can send an email to for more details on it!

      1. Appani Koteswararao

        I did payment but I’m not getting access to saw content. Please tell me if there is any issue.
        I subscribed ur account because ur content is very useful told my frnds but when I subscribe to your channel, that is not visible to me, can u give me a time when it will give access to me.

  3. Hanuman Singh

    I have paid amount long time and got access , now again they are asking to pay the amount for accessing content
    Please grant me access back

  4. Sayantoni Ganguli


    I have paid the full amount for premium access. Please grant me the access for SGanguli.

    Sayantoni Ganguli

  5. Shanmukh Prudhvi

    Hi Prem,

    I have made payment for lifetime , could you please grant me axis for shanmukhprudhvi username.


  6. dilipkumar malluri

    hi how can i get an access and payment methods to subscribe life time …for more details any customer representative details

  7. Chakravarthy SP

    Hi Premkumar,
    I have opted for premium membership and paid full amount through UPI, however i am not able to access the full content.
    User id: Chakriraju2411
    Email id:

    Please do the need full.


  8. I have paid the amount yesterday but I didn’t get the access yet. My ID is AN296242 can you please check. Awaiting for your reply.

  9. Narendra Reddy Gottemukkala

    Hi prem,

    Good day and hope you are doing well.

    I have done the payment through upi Id which u hv provided in offline payment details.
    Can you provide the access and check the payment details in your UPI

    Narendra Reddy Gottemukkala

    1. Hi Narendra.. hope you are good as well.. your premium membership is activated successfully. Kindly logout login and try accessing posts in new session

    1. Hi Balaji.. just to be clear. The premium membership is only for all the 150+ blog posts.

      The videos you can find it in my YouTube channel mostly some advanced pega topics.

  10. Hello Prem,
    I have paid the money on28th Sep itself but my account is not activated yet. I have sent mail but no response there as well. Could you please help me with it?

    1. In the first place why would I not share the content after receiving money šŸ˜Š

      To guarantee you, I am available in all social media platforms, you can easily reach me.

      Yes I agree I haven’t replied to many comments in this page, but for everyone the account is activated already to access the content.

    1. Hi Sree Vidhya, please do the signup and continue with payment from the confirmation page.

      Mostly the membership will be activated as soon as possible except sleeping hours šŸ˜Š

  11. Shanmukh Gollapudi

    Hi Team ,
    I have done payment for membership to UPI provided around 7:20 PM IST timing and also sent an email with screenshot and details .
    Username : Shannu /Gmail ID
    Please activate the account (I didnt receive any email for activation / not able to view content).

  12. Dhinesh K Muthusamy

    I have paid the amount for premium access but i didn’t get access to see the article… I have dropped email as well but yet to get response…

  13. sindhuja vanaparthi

    Hi ,

    I have completed the payment and sent you email morning but still no response and I am not able to view any articles.

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